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Listen to the radio with new Breville toaster

Musical toaster can also play MP3 player tunes

Breville Radio toaster

New: Breville radio toaster

Update, April 2011: find out what our tester made of this product in our Breville radio toaster first look review.

Here’s a toaster with a twist from Breville – a new musical model with an in-built radio and plug-in for your MP3 player.

Breville says its ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ radio toaster comes with an FM/AM radio and ten preset radio channels, plus a socket you can plug your MP3 player into, allowing you to play some morning wake-up music.

You can use the toaster, which costs £49.99 and is available from Argos and Amazon, to toast bread and tune into the radio at the same time, using the one plug – helpful if you’re short on space or plug sockets in your kitchen.

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Musical Breville toaster

Which? radio expert Katie Waller says: ‘Although it’s a bit gimmicky, getting your morning intake of toast and radio in one could be handy if you’re short of counter space. By carrying an AM/FM tuner it keeps costs down, but it’s a shame there’s no DAB (digital audio broadcast) radio.

‘If we do hit Government’s 2017 target for switching national FM stations to digital, you may be limited to toast and community radio stations on FM in the morning.’

Aside from the radio function, this toaster also boasts conventional features you’d expect to see on a toaster – including a removable crumb tray, defrost and reheat settings, plus an illuminated digital display.

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