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50% more energy efficient wash and dry from AEG

AEG unveils its latest washing machines and dryers

AEG-Electrolux ProTex Plus tumble dryer

AEG has unveiled the new 9kg-capacity ProTex Plus washing machine and matching condenser tumble dryer, which it says are 50% more energy efficient than the A rating – the highest class for energy efficiency.

The claims come at a time when EU energy labels are being overhauled. Currently, washing machines and tumble dryers are rated A-G for energy efficiency, with ‘A’ being the most efficient.

New energy labels for washing machines, which are already in use but will become mandatory in December 2011, will range from A+++ to D to reflect market improvements in energy efficiency.

EU energy labels

While terms like ‘A-50%’ aren’t approved by the EU’s labelling scheme – and are claims that Which? campaigned against as they are confusing – manufacturers use them to make claims about appliances that are ‘beyond A’ for energy efficiency. If you’re unsure about how energy ratings work and how to best use the information, have a look at our guide to energy labels explained.

The old EU energy labels looked at energy consumption for washing machines on 60°C washes, but our research shows that the most popular temperature for washing is 40°C. The new labels will be calculated according to energy use on both 60°C and 40°C programs.

Energy-saving washing machines

Which? washing machine expert Katie Hill says: ‘Energy ratings for washing machines are improving all the time. While tumble dryers can guzzle energy, you won’t find many new washers with a rating below a B.

‘But labels and claims like ‘A-50%’ aren’t helpful if they don’t reflect realistic energy use. It’ll be interesting to see how the ProTex Plus washing machine and tumble dryer perform in our lab when we test energy consumption according to how these appliances are really used.’

For a more accurate reflection of energy use, you can use our reviews to look up all the available washing machines that got a good score for energy use in our lab tests. Have a look at our washing machine review to see which 28 washing machines got five stars for energy use, compared with the 73 that carry an AAA energy label.

AEG ProTex Plus

The AEG L98699FL ProTex Plus washing machine and tumble dryer can both tackle 9kg of washing, and AEG claims that both the washing machine and tumble dryer help protect clothes. According to AEG, the dryer has ‘one of the gentlest wool programs ever’ and the washing machine protects clothes ‘30% better than other models’.

The ProTex Plus models will be available from the end of March or early April. AEG expects the washing machine to retail at around £849 and the tumble dryer at around £749.

For details on how AEG compares with brands like Bosch, Hotpoint and Whirlpool for the reliability of their appliances, have a look at the reliability guides in our washing machine and reviews.

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