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New AEG hobs let you ‘customise your cooking’

Mix and match hob modules for new CrystalLine hobs

AEG CrystalLine hob

AEG CrystalLine hobs are modular, meaning you can tailor the cooking zones to suit your cooking preferences

AEG says its latest hobs will enable keen home chefs to customise cooking zones according to what they like to cook, however they like to cook it.

The CrystalLine glass hob range offers a choice of induction, gas and radiant heat modules, with optional extras that include a teppanyaki grill (a type of Japanese cuisine cooked with an iron griddle) and an induction wok burner.

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One-touch temperature control

The range is designed to look ‘minimalist’ and ‘contemporary’ in order to blend in with other materials such as wood, stainless steel, marble – or more glass.

CrystalLine hobs come with Interactive DirektTouch controls, which use a fine-tuned slider to set the temperature with a single touch. LED displays beneath the glass show the current status of each burner.

Which? deputy home editor Natalie Hitchins says: ‘These hobs certainly look the part, and the fact they are customisable to incorporate induction, gas or radiant heat hob types all in one unit should provide a good level of flexibility for those who like to cook using a wide range of different methods.

‘But this kind of flexibility doesn’t come cheap – if you’re looking for something cheaper, the Which? hobs review includes reviews of 26 of the latest models, including five Best Buys starting from less than £150.’

Hob options

AEG’s modular system means you can tailor the cooking zones to suit your personal cooking needs, and the collection includes:

  • paired single and triple-zone radiant burners
  • paired maxi induction burners, bridged to create one large cooking area
  • induction wok burner
  • teppanyaki grill
  • double gas burner
  • gas wok (with wok stand).

Prices vary depending on the exact specifications you choose, but the CrystalLine range is expected to start at £499 and range up to £1399 for the most advanced model.

Choosing the best hob

We explain the pros and cons of induction, ceramic, gas and electric hobs in our guide on how to buy the best hob.

Previous AEG hobs include the Maxisense induction hob, introduced at the Ideal Home Show 2010. The Maxisense does away with traditional hob cooking ‘zones’, enabling you to place differently-sized induction pans almost anywhere on the hob. Watch it in action in our AEG Maxisense video guide.

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