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Samsung robot vac cleans while you take it easy

Navibot Silencio provides hands-free vacuuming

Samsung Navibot Silencio

Futuristic robot vacuum cleaners that get on with the cleaning while you put your feet up have been edging into the mainstream over the last couple of years, and now Samsung has unveiled a new model designed to be seen and not heard.

UPDATE: This vacuum cleaner is no longer available, but you can see our hands-on reviews of other robot vacuum cleaners.

The new Navibot Silencio is a robot vacuum cleaner that provides automatic, hands-free floor cleaning. As the name implies, the Silencio is also designed to be quieter than previous Navibot models, with a claimed 62dB noise output – that’s about as loud as a normal conversation heard from 1m away.

Samsung Navibot Silencio

Which? deputy home editor Natalie Hitchins says: ‘When we tried out the original Samsung Navibot vacuum cleaner back in 2010, we had high hopes that the days of slaving at the handle of a vacuum cleaner were over.

‘But as you’ll see in our video review of the original Samsung Navibot, it wasn’t the best at sucking up dirt and dust; however we found it was better at navigating around the room methodically than other robot vacs we’ve tried. It’ll be interesting to see what – if any – performance improvements Samsung has made in the new Navibot Silencio.’

Automatic cleaning

The Navibot is designed to clean a whole room at the press of a button, and can even be scheduled to start cleaning when you are out, so you can come home from work to a freshly-vacuumed home.

Controlled by two computer chips, the robot uses 39 sensors and a ‘Visionary Mapping System’ to help it navigate around obstacles safely, avoiding hazards such as cables, stairs and open fires.

When it’s finished cleaning, it simply returns to base for recharging, and is ready to start cleaning again in less than two hours.

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Hepa filter

The Navibot Silencio has a Hepa filtration system, which is designed to trap fine particles inside the machine, to ensure that expelled air is free from dust and allergens for allergy sufferers.

But not all Hepa filters are the same – which is why when Which? tests vacuum cleaners, we use specialist machinery to assess how well vacuum cleaners retain dust and fine particles. Find out which of the 144 we’ve tested score full marks for allergen retention in our vacuum cleaners review.

Robot vacuum cleaner

The Navibot’s turbo-clean setting provides maximum suction to help pick up heavier debris from carpets, while the brush protection comb claims to remove pet hairs effectively.

There’s even a floor cloth accessory designed especially for use on hard floors.

Available in the UK from April 2011, the Navibot range is expected to retail from around £499.99

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