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Slug pellets

Use organic slug pellets, says Which? Gardening

Slug pellet

A recent Which? Gardening test has revealed that organic slug pellets are just as good as non-organic ones in the battle against slugs and snails

Slug pellets on test

The team tested three types of slug pellet:

1) Standard pellets containing 3% metaldehyde
2) A new breed of pellets that contain 1.5% metaldehyde
3) Organically-approved pellets, based on ferric phosphate

All three types of pellet worked equally well. As a result, Which? Gardening recommends organic pellets. Unlike those based on metaldehyde, they are approved for use by organic growers and pose no threat to people, pets or wildlife. 

They also have the advantage of poisoning slugs and snails in such a way that they tend to hide away to die rather than expiring in full unsightly view! 

The brands available

The team tested Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer, found at garden centres, B&Q, Homebase and Morrisons, and expects other ferric phosphate brands to work equally well; brands you may come across include Bayer Garden Natria Slug & Snail Control, Bayer Garden Organic Slug Bait, Vitax Slug Death XL and Wilko Slug Bait (Wilkinson stores only).

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