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UK motorists miss cheap petrol prices most

Biggest downside of modern driving is cost of fuel

Petrol pump with petrol

Cheap petrol price is what UK motorists miss most in the last 20 years

Lower petrol prices are what UK drivers miss most from the world of driving 20 years ago, according to a new survey by Kwik Fit.

The automotive parts specialist polled 2,000 people about the most attractive aspect from the last two decades of driving when compared with conditions today.

Those questioned also highlighted less congested roads and fewer speed bumps as two elements they miss from driving back in the early nineties.

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Comfort and reliability the biggest advantage

The results for the reverse – aspects of motoring which have improved in the last 20 years – showed improved comfort and car reliability ranked highest among those who were surveyed.

They also identified advances in car safety as another key advantage of modern-day motoring, along with car insurance benefits, greater fuel efficiency and conveniences like electric windows.

Old car broken down

Improved car reliability is one thing drivers like about modern motoring

Kwik Fit chief executive Ian Fraser said: “Motorists clearly have mixed feelings about conditions now compared with 20 years ago.

“On the one hand, cars have pretty much improved in every department, with even basic models offering air conditioning, electric windows and even sat nav.

“But with rising fuel prices and congestion, it’s understandable that motorists are particularly sentimental about a time when petrol was much cheaper and the roads weren’t as crowded as they are now.”

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No seatbelts and manual chokes

Speed camera

Speed cameras rank highly as a motoring headache

Some other results from the Kwik Fit survey weren’t as expected as others.

Cheaper and easier parking, no speed cameras, no congestion charges and fewer toll roads and road-narrowing chicanes were all modern motoring headaches that were mentioned in line with expectations.

However, 5% of those polled said they wanted a return to the days of not having to wear seat belts, 3% miss having a manual choke in the car, and 4% said there was nothing they liked at all about motoring in 2011.

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