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New advice scheme to ‘help you cut energy bills’

Impartial advice on consumers’ energy rights

Energy bill and lightbulb

Following the success of its face-to-face Energy Best Deal advice scheme, energy watchdog Ofgem and Citizens Advice are now launching its gas and electricity money-saving campaign online in a bid to help more people save money on their energy bills.

Ofgem research shows that energy companies make higher profits from consumers who don’t switch to the best gas and electricity deal available, and claims that only 20% of us are actively engaged in the market. This means that a staggering 80% of energy users are at risk of paying more than they need for their gas and electricity. 

You can find out how much you could save on your energy bills by changing your supplier or tariff using our Which? Switch energy-switching calculator.

Save money on energy

Ofgem says more than 60,000 people have already been helped by advice given by its in-person energy advice scheme since its launch in 2008, and it’s hoped that many more will be able to benefit by watching money-saving advice videos online, covering subjects including avoiding debt and disconnection and dealing with sales people.

We reported on Ofgem’s latest proposed overhaul of the energy market in March 2011 – including how energy suppliers are quick to raise prices but slow to drop them – but there’s still plenty that consumers can do for themselves to save money on their energy bills.

You can find out more about saving money on your energy bills in our Environment and saving energy section, including guides on using an energy monitor, cutting energy costs and buying energy saving appliances.

Get involved

We’ve been highlighting the growing problem of confusing tariffs and the lack of transparency in the energy market for years. Find out about how we campaigned to get clearer energy bills, what we’re doing to address terrible tariffs, and how our smart meter campaign is working with the government and energy companies to make sure that smart meters benefit consumers – as well as the energy companies.

Lower your gas and electricity bills

You can compare energy prices and switch to a new gas and electricity supplier on Which? Switch. People who switched with us between 1 October and 31 December 2013 are predicted to save an average of £234 a year on their bills.

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