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New Whirlpool hob has ‘age-resistant’ coating

Hob coating 'resists scatching and corrosion'

Whirlpool hob

The new Whirlpool iXelium hob

Whirlpool has launched a new hob featuring a special coating it claims can resist scratching, yellowing and corrosion.

KitchenAid has also unveiled its own hob with the ‘iXelium’ coating. 

It’s claimed the hobs, when put to the test in an Italian laboratory, were 15 times more resistant to scratching, and six times more resistant to corrosion than a traditional hob. The coating should also make the hobs easier to clean, and they shouldn’t yellow over time when exposed to high temperatures, according to both companies.

Which? cooker expert Matt Stevens said: ‘Keeping stainless-steel kitchen appliances clean can be a pain. That’s why in our tests we run cleaning tests which include checking whether the surfaces mark easily with finger and hand prints and how easy it is to remove them.

‘You can read more about this in our reviews – Which? has tested 120 freestanding cookers, 97 built-in ovens and 36 hobs.’

The stainless steel Whirlpool iXelium hob costs around £230 and is available to buy now. The stainless steel and black glass KitchenAid iXelium hob cook top costs around £1,800 and will be available from May.

Kitchenaid iXelium hob

Kitchenaid iXelium hob

iXelium hob and nanotechnology

The hobs’ iXelium coating uses nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the use of materials on a very minute scale – one nanometre is just one millionth of a millimetre. You can find out which everyday products already make use of .

Which? scientific policy advisor Rob Reid said: ‘Nanotechnologies offer many potential benefits to consumers. But there have been some questions raised due to uncertainty of the health and environmental impacts of some nanomaterials.

‘We have been working with government and industry to ensure that as many of these uncertainties are dealt with prior to products coming to the market’.

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