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Range Rover Evoque priced from £27,955

Top of the range Evoque will cost £44,320

Range Rover Evoque

Prices for the Range Rover Evoque start from under £30k

Land Rover has revealed full UK prices for the new Range Rover Evoque – complete with a headline-grabbing entry-level price of £27,955 for the entry-level Range Rover Evoque 2.2 eD4 2WD Pure five-door.

Prices range up to £44,320 for the top-line 2.0 Si4 Dynamic Auto with LUX pack, in a 44-model vehicle line-up that includes a choice of three engines and two body styles.

Unusually, the cheaper Range Rover Evoque is the five-door, not the three-door. The latter is being marketed as a Coupe, rather than a three-door, with a slight shift in appeal (and a £995 premium on the list price). Less is more, as they say…

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Range Rover Evoque price surprise

Range Rover Evoque

The cheapest Range Rover Evoques will be two wheel drive and not four

The sub-£30k lead-in price is a real surprise to the market – many expected the Evoque to exceed this mark even in entry-level spec. Admittedly, say analysts, very few base-model Evoques will, in reality, be sold, but it is still a real headline-grabber for Land Rover.

Base Evoques are 2WD rather than the traditional Land Rover 4WD: they are fitted with the 2.2 eD4 engine from the Land Rover Freelander, which produces 150hp. The eD4 is the eco-special option, with sub-130g/km CO2 potential. An alternative TD4 150 is available with 4WD: it costs from £28,705.

The more powerful 2.2 SD4 190 is only available in 4WD guise, with an automatic gearbox. The SD4 Pure costs from £31,315. The petrol alternative only comes in 4WD automatic form too, and is limited to Dynamic trim: it costs from £38,995 (and will thus be a niche seller).

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Break with tradition

Range Rover Evoque interior

Heated leather seats, a touch-screen display and Bluetooth all come as standard

Land Rover has eschewed the traditional vehicle grade hierarchy with the Range Rover Evoque, choosing instead to offer ‘design themes’. There is still a clear price hierarchy, though: the Pure is the cheapest line, with Dynamic and Prestige alternatives both costing the same (around £8,000 more) but offering different looks and setups.

All Range Rover Evoque are extremely well-equipped, though. Fitted as standard are 18-inch alloy wheels, heated electric leather seats, climate control, touchscreen display, rear parking sensors, high-power Meridian stereo, cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity.

Dynamic and Prestige models add large alloy wheels, extra technological features and even more premium details. Pure models can get some of these features with a £1,900 TECH pack option: Prestige and Dynamic buyers can restore their equipment advantage with a £4,325 LUX pack.

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Online help to aid choosing

Land Rover admits there is a huge amount of choice with the new Range Rover Evoque: 12 exterior colours, three contrasting roofs, seven alloy wheel styles, 16 contrasting interiors and the option of a full length panoramic glass roof. This is in addition to the three engines, two body styles, three trim lines and choice of 2WD or 4WD.

Therefore, to help buyers, Land Rover has developed an online configuration tool. This helps customers explore the mass of alternatives available and to define the right Evoque for them.

As a further aid, Land Rover also offers pre-selected ‘Designer’s Choice’ showcases. These are Range Rover Evoques boasting custom-made options choices by the Land Rover designers themselves, which are highly complementary and provide customers with hints about what options to check. They can, of course, take the Designer’s Choice models unaltered, if they so wish…

The Range Rover Evoque arrives in the UK in September – with dealers having already taken thousands of preorders for the new baby Range Rover.

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