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Which? launches train delay compensation tool

Helping consumers understand their travel rights

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You may be entitled to compensation if your train is delayed

Which? has launched a new tool to help consumers claim compensation for delays to their train journeys.

The compensation entitlement for train delays differs from one train company to the next – and can also vary depending on the route travelled within the rail network.

To make it easier for consumers to know what they’re entitled to, Which? has dissected the terms and conditions of train companies across the country.

Compensation for train delays

The tool – available at www.which.co.uk/traindelay – means you just have to tell us who you travelled with, and how long your journey was delayed by, and we’ll tell you what you’re entitled to.

If your train was delayed and you chose to travel anyway, the tool helps you work out how much compensation you should receive. But if your train was delayed and you chose not to travel, you should apply for a refund for your train ticket.

Letter templates for getting compensation for train delays and cancellations are also available to help you make a written complaint on our consumer rights site. 

National Rail vouchers

The National Rail Conditions of Carriage state that compensation must be in the form of National Rail vouchers. The exception is with some train companies if your compensation is above a certain level, typically £30 to £40.

The vouchers can be used with any train company, not just the one you travelled with, and last for a year from the date of issue.

Season tickets sagas

Delay/Repay is a Department for Transport (DfT) scheme that allows annual or monthly season ticket passengers to claim compensation for delays as if they were travelling on a single/return ticket. Weekly season ticket passengers have always been able to claim as if they were travelling on a single/return ticket, so these rules apply if you hold a weekly ticket too.

Join the debate

Have you struggled to work out what you’re entitled to when your train has been delayed? Have you had any experience – good or bad – when it comes to getting your money back? Join the debate on Which? Conversation.

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