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Which? tests Asda price guarantee

Which? reveals odd exclusions from Asda scheme

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Which? has found some strange products excluded from Asda’s price guarantee could mean that less than half of your shopping is compared with its rivals.

We put the Asda price guarantee to the test with the help of a Which? member who volunteered to try it out for a month. Under the scheme, Asda guarantees that your shopping will be at least 10% cheaper than Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. If not, you’ll be refunded the difference in vouchers.

Our Which? member managed to claim £2.12 in vouchers after Morrisons turned out to be cheaper for two of his four shops. But we found that not all the products were compared – in fact, of 16 comparisons (four shopping trips each compared against Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose), 10 compared less than half the value of the trolley. In the other six cases, less than two thirds was compared.

Asda price guarantee exclusions

Some products that were excluded from the Asda price guarantee seemed bizarre – and in some cases items couldn’t be compared against Tesco, but could against the other supermarkets. For example, a pack of six salad tomatoes were excluded, even though Tesco sells them. Asda said it was because Tesco didn’t specify the size.

Other puzzling items included kidney beans and tagliatelle pasta. Asda says that because Tesco’s kidney beans are ‘dark red’ they couldn’t be included – but it was the same pack size and both were ‘in water’. The pasta was excluded because Tesco doesn’t specify that the product contains egg.

We’re not sure that these exclusions, along with a significant amount of a complete shop being missed, makes for a meaningful comparison.

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Asda wants more included in price guarantee

Asda tells Which? that the comparison meets Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Trading Standards guidelines, and includes 15,400 products.

It adds that it would like to include more products in the price guarantee, currently run by shopping site MySupermarket.co.uk, but Asda has no input on the comparisons included.

Tesco has recently come under fire for falsely stating in one of its adverts that Asda’s price guarantee doesn’t include fresh produce. The ASA ruled that the Tesco ad was misleading, but Tesco claimed it was an internal communications error. 

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