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Drivers: Get insured or face action

Vehicles must be insured or recorded off the road

Car off the road

New regulations require all cars, even those off the road, to have insurance

From the end of June, all vehicles in private ownership must be insured or registered with a new branch of the DVLA or consumers could face a penalty fine of £100, your vehicle being clamped an seized or court action and a fine of £1,000. 

The new legislation, which is called Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) requires all registered keepers to get insured or send the DVLA a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) form if they are not intending to use the vehicle. 

High cost of uninsured drivers

CIE is being introduced to tackle the high numbers of uninsured drivers on UK roads. According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, around 30,000 claims are lodged against drivers who are uninsured or leave the scene of a collision. This adds around £30 to each legitimate driver’s car insurance premiums each year. 

Driving uninsured motorists off the road

Once registered with the DVLA, vehicle details will be uploaded to the Motor Insurance Database – a central record of the 34 million UK motor insurance policies. The police use this database to check whether cars that are on the road are insured. 

Ashton West, Chief Executive of MIB said: ‘The industry is working closely with Government and DVLA as key partners ahead of the launch of the new scheme, which will be in addition to current Police powers in taking uninsured vehicles from our roads. We remain committed to preparing the public ahead of the change in law.’

More information on Continuous Insurance Enforcement

Consumers can check that their vehicles are registered on the database by logging on to www.askmid.com. The Motor Insurer’s Bureau has produced a video which can be viewed here, and a guide to the law change, which can be downloaded in PDF format here.



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