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New 18-month NatWest and RBS 0% balance transfer credit card deal

Platinum cards offer 18 months interest-free

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New 0% credit card balance transfer deals from RBS and Natwest offer 18 months interest-free

NatWest and RBS have increased by its 0% balance transfer deal on their Platinum credit cards by two months.

Market leader Barclaycard currently offers the longest 0% period on balance transfers, with an impressive 20 months interest-free. The new deal from RBS and NatWest matches the second-placed deals from MBNA and Virgin, but charges the lowest handling fee. 

The new deal from RBS and NatWest charges a 2.8% handling fee and has a representative APR of 16.6%, below the market average. They are, however, only available online.

Low customer satisfaction scores

If customer service is important to you, NatWest and RBS come out slightly ahead of Virgin and MBNA with a score of 55%, compared with Virgin Money at 53% and ‘Which? warning’ provider MBNA with just 49%. John Lewis comes out top for customer satisfaction but doesn’t offer the best interest free credit card deal sfor its customers. 

Martyn Saville Which? credit expert, commented: ‘The new deal from NatWest and RBS offers a welcome extra option for consumers with a balance to transfer, particularly those who may, from this week, find themselves saddled with a hefty ticket bill from the Olympics organisers.

‘For a good deal and better customer satisfaction Which? Recommended Provider Nationwide currently offers a 17-month deal with a 2.95% handling fee. As with all 0% balance transfer deals, make sure you pay off any outstanding debt or transfer it to a new card before the end of the deal as it will typically revert back to its headline rate when the deal period is up.’

Save money by switching credit cards

To find out how much money you could save by switching to a new credit card, try out the free Which? credit card switching calculator. You can then find the best deals by reading the Which? 0% balance transfer credit card reviews and our reviews of the best credit cards for using abroad.

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