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Philips launches first LED equivalent to 75W light bulb

Philips' EnduraLED A21 lasts 25 times longer

Philips EnduraLED

The first LED light bulb with enough output to be equivalent to a traditional 75W lightbulb has been launched by Philips in the United States.

Philips says the EnduraLED A21 will last 25 times longer and use 80% less energy than a traditional 75W bulb. 

The catch with LED bulbs is the price – Philips says the Endura is expected to cost $40-45. It estimates the bulb will save $160 over its lifetime. 

LED light bulbs

Which? light bulbs expert Richard Dilks says: ‘Until very recently, LED bulbs have had quite low light outputs. So although they are quick to reach their full light output and suffer no decrease in performance over time, they have been dimmer than other energy saving light bulb technologies: compact fluorescents and halogens. 

‘Brighter LED bulbs will still be expensive for the moment, but it’s good news that they are going to be available.’

Buying the best energy-saving light bulbs

Our energy-saving light bulb review has test results of over 20 energy saving light bulbs – including how they rate for light output, start up time, dimming and how long they lasted in our nine-month long test. 

We haven’t yet reviewed any LED light bulbs, but new test results are going to be online within the next two weeks – and these will include two lower-lumen LED bulbs. 

Our light bulb review is only available to Which? members – you can try Which? membership for just £1 for one month.

We’re currently working to bring you more light bulb reviews – including LEDs – and the results will be online in September 2011. 

In the meantime, our light bulbs advice guide explains how energy saving light bulbs work and the details of the European phase-out of traditional light bulbs, which finishes in 2012.

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