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Poundland and Lidl finally offer battery recycling boxes

Recycling facilities improve after Which? exposé

battery recycling content

At last, Poundland and Lidl have ensured they are offering the battery recycling facilities they should be, following repeated investigations by Which?

Our investigation into battery recycling (May 2010) and follow-up battery reycling exposé (Nov 2010) revealed that Poundland and Lidl were flouting EU regulations by not providing battery recycling points for consumers.

Following these visits we reported these stores to the VCA, which enforces recycling regulations. We are now pleased to reveal that our latest research has found that the two discounters have finally mended their ways

When we visited in March – over a year since the new EU battery recycling regulations were introduced – all seven of the Poundland stores and six of the seven Lidl stores we visited were offering battery recycling facilities. Just one Lidl store said its box had been stolen last year and was yet to be replaced.

Battery recycling regulations

EU regulations introduced in February 2010 state that all shops selling over 32kg of batteries a year (around one pack a day) must offer battery recycling facilities.

Which? deputy home editor Natalie Hitchins comments: ‘The recycling regulations are in place for a reason – to help reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfill, where they may leak harmful chemicals.

‘It’s good to see that Poundland and Lidl are now complying with these regulations as the more retailers that offer recycling facilities, the easier it is to find somewhere to leave your old batteries.’

Ask if you can’t see a box

Three of the Poundland stores we visited kept their boxes under the counter – so ask if you can’t see any battery recycling facilities.

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