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Supermarket tomato ketchups topple Heinz

Heinz scores poorly in tomato ketchup taste test

Ketchup taste writing

Supermarket sauces leave big brands – including Heinz – in the shade in our taste test of 13 widely available tomato ketchups.

The name Heinz is synonymous with tomato sauce and 60% of ketchups sold are Heinz. But when we asked 130 members of the public to blind-taste and rate 13 widely available ketchups, the three top tasting sauces in our test were supermarket own-brands from Sainsbury’s, M&S and Tesco. 

Heinz didn’t even score in the top 10. Along with Aldi’s sauce, it came joint second from bottom – just above last-placed Daddies.

Supermarket vs own-brand tomato ketchups

Generally the supermarket own-brand ketchups fared better than the branded ones. Daddies, Heinz and Hellman’s ketchups all came in the bottom half of the taste test. Only Branston bucked the trend, coming joint 5th along with Lidl’s sauce.

The winner of the taste test was Sainsbury’s ketchup, which was praised for its ‘rich and fruity taste’ and ‘thick, smooth, velvety consistency’. 

M&S and Tesco ketchups came joint second. The M&S ketchup was described by one taster as having ‘plenty of body to the sauce’ and another said it ‘left a lovely fruity aftertaste’. Tasters enjoyed the balance of sweet and sour flavours of the Tesco sauce with one praising the ‘nice blend of spices’.

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