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Honda Jazz Hybrid tested by Which?

Hybrid version of supermini has high running costs

Honda Jazz Hybrid

The Honda Jazz Hybrid has been put through the Which? Car Test – and it’s not as cheap to run as you might think

Which? Car lab tests have revealed that the new Honda Jazz Hybrid is hardly more fuel-efficient than the petrol-engined model.

The Jazz Hybrid is the first petrol-electric supermini to go on sale in the UK, and it’s just been put through our unique tests.

We found that despite the car’s marginally cheaper running costs compared with the 1.4-litre automatic petrol model, the £1,500 extra it costs to buy means that it makes little financial sense.

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Fuel savings too small

Honda Jazz Hybrid side

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is expensive, but remains a practical and likeable car

Our tests showed that the Jazz Hybrid averages fuel economy of 57.6mpg (lower than Honda’s claim of 62.8mpg), meaning that it will cost around £1,071 in petrol each year. That’s based on today’s average unleaded price of 136p per litre and an annual mileage of 10,000 miles.

The 1.4-litre i-VTEC petrol-engined Jazz averages 49.6mpg (again, lower than the claimed average of 52.3mpg), and so should cost about £1,247 to fill up over the same distance.

That equates to an annual fuel saving of approximately £176. So, based on fuel costs alone, it would take more than eight and a half years to recoup the extra cost of the Hybrid.

Even if you factor in the lower tax cost of the Hybrid – £10 a year, rather than the £80 a year it costs to tax the 1.4 petrol – it would still take nearly six years to repay that initial price premium.

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Still a good car

It’s a shame those numbers don’t add up for the Jazz Hybrid, as it’s a success in other areas. Despite losing 100 litres of boot space to the electric batteries, it’s still practical and there are few compromises in the way the car drives when compared with the normal Jazz.

The standard car is a favourite with Which? members thanks to incredibly high reliability (it was the third most reliable new supermini in the 2010 Which? Car survey), and the new 1.3-litre IMA hybrid engine comes from the Honda Insight, which earned an even higher reliability score – so it should be very fuss-free to own.

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