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Beko fridge confusion persists

Beko recall leaves home insurance questions

Beko fridge freezer

Beko fridge freezers: fire risk warning

The Beko fridge freezer recall has created chaos for consumers who don’t know whether to contact their insurer.

With the recall of up to 500,000 Beko fridge freezers, many consumers are experiencing problems establishing how best to act. 

Beko has sought to quell fears about the chances of any fault resulting in risk to personal safety, describing the risk as ‘extremely low’. 

Several owners of the fridge freezers that are subject to the recall have reported signs of scorching around the thermostat and there is general confusion about how to proceed. 

Our Beko fridge freezer fire risk Q&A lists full details of the affected Beko fridge freezer models, and what steps you need to take if you own one.

Contact Beko

Anyone with a Beko frost-free fridge freezer should visit the Beko website to check whether their model is affected. Beko’s site includes information and a video showing how to locate their unit’s serial number. 

Beko customers with a recall model can contact the manufacturer via its helpline (0800 009 4837). The manufacturer will arrange for the fridge freezer to be visited by an engineer. 

In general, customers with faulty goods and services should contact the retailer who made the sale, rather than the manufacturer. This right is enshrined by the Sale of Goods Act.

Contact your home insurer

Anyone who has a recalled Beko fridge freezer should contact their home insurer. While the fire risk is believed to be very slight, anyone who subsequently lodges a claim for damage caused by a faulty fridge, including loss of power resulting in a loss of chilled of frozen food, or damage to other property through fire or removal to replace the unit, could encounter problem. 

Which? believes that home insurance policies will not be cancelled as a result for reporting the matter to their insurer, due to the low risk of a claim. 

Some insurers, including Direct Line and Saga, have already issued statements confirming policies won’t be affected.  

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