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Homeform Group customers stand to lose £1.5m

Moben, Dolphin, Kitchens Direct customers affected

Homeform Group customers lose money

Homeform Group customers who paid by cash stand to lose £1.5m

More than 400 customers of collapsed firm Homeform Group stand to lose as much as £1.5m, the company’s administrators have revealed, with people who paid cash deposits for Moben, Dolphin and Kitchens Direct products left out of pocket.

While Sharps Bedrooms, another firm within the Homeform Group stable, has been sold, buyers have not yet been found for Moben, Dolphin or Kitchens Direct.

Therefore, although Sharps customers will have their orders fulfilled, Deloitte – the administrators appointed by Homeform Group – has issued the following advice to people who have paid money to Moben, Dolphin and Kitchens Direct:

Moben, Dolphin and Kitchens Direct customers who have paid a deposit but have not received any good should:

  • Contact the customer helpline on 0800 840 0118 or email homeform@deloitte.co.uk;
  • Contact their card provider if they paid on credit or debit card;
  • Contact their finance provider if they paid on a finance agreement.

Customers who did not pay on a debit or credit card or through a finance agreement should write to the administrators at: Deloitte LLP, Athene Place, 66 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3WA with details of their claim.

Your rights when companies go bust

For more information on what to do when a firm you’ve paid money to fails, read our story on Your rights when companies go bust.

We also have a useful online guide to , which explains how you can go about claiming back cash under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which applies to purchases of goods that cost between £100 and £30,000. The guide also has information for customers who may wish to make Chargeback claims.

According to Deloitte, over £2.5m worth of Section 75 and Chargeback claims will have to be made by Moben, Dolphin and Kitchens Direct customers. 

Which? says

Which? Money expert Martyn Saville says: ‘Statistics like these underline the importance of paying for important purchases with a credit card wherever possible.

‘While reclaiming their money may seem inconvenient for those people who paid for Moben, Dolphin and Kitchens Direct products by card, more than 400 others who handed over cash or cheques are simply left in the hands of the administrators – who have said it is unlikely those consumers will get any of their money back.

‘Even if you only pay a small deposit towards a big final purchase on a credit card – as little as £1 – you’ll be covered under Section 75 provided the total cost of the goods or service you have bought is within £100 to £30,000 limit.

‘With our economy still not out of the woods, Id urge anyone spending large sums of money with a firm to make sure they think about how that cash would be covered in the event of its collapse.’

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