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Motorists being more honest about car insurance

Fewer cases of lying despite rising premium costs

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Recent Confused.com survey has found we’re being more truthful when getting car insurance quotes

Motorists in the UK are being more honest when getting a car insurance quote, according to one of the nation’s biggest insurance comparison sites.

Confused.com claims to have found a dramatic decline in the number of drivers lying on their car insurance quotations, despite car insurance costs rising year on year.

The company believes much of this is down to fears that insurance companies might not pay out when claims are made, especially in extreme cases.

One in seven lies to get cheaper car insurance

According to Confused.com’s survey of 2,000 car owners, one in seven are guilty of lying when processing a quotation for car insurance.

This is a significant drop in numbers compared to last year, with men still being more deceptive in their applications than women.

Of those surveyed, 12% of women and 17% of men said they had lied when applying for car insurance.

This is a drastic improvement over last year, according to the car insurance price-comparison firm. In 2010, 32% of women and 46% of men admitted to giving false information when buying car insurance.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at the price comparison site, said: “Whilst people may be tempted to mislead or even lie to their insurer when trying to combat rising insurance costs, it’s certainly not advisable.

“In extreme cases, it could invalidate any claims made. Therefore honesty is the best policy.”

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Motorists lie about the number of miles they cover in a year more than anything else

We lie about mileage the most

According to the survey, lying about mileage is the top offence, with almost 50% of women and 44% of men admitting to not being totally truthful and declaring that they cover fewer miles in a year than they really do.

The next most common lie is where the vehicle is kept overnight. Almost 28% of women and 33% of men said they had notified car insurance firms that their car was kept in a garage when, in reality, it was kept outside.

Another 23% of women and 12% of men also tried to fool car insurance companies by saying they keep their car on a driveway when they really leave them at the roadside.

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Londoners worst offenders

The worst offenders for lying about car insurance are located in the capital, with 19% admitting to being untruthful. In contrast, just 3% of people in the East Midlands said they don’t disclose the right information when applying for car insurance – and only 2% admit to it in Northern Ireland.

The majority of the UK has a rate of less than 10% of drivers telling lies to their insurers.


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