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The ‘least trusted’ kitchen appliance revealed

We don't trust dishwashers to do a good job, poll finds

Full-sized dishwashers

Full-sized dishwashers have room for 12-15 place settings

The dishwasher is the appliance we trust the least to do a good job, yet it’s also one of the most wanted items on kitchen wish lists, according to a poll.

71% of Brits surveyed said their dishwasher was the most likely kitchen appliance to under-perform, and more than 60% said they’d had to clean still-dirty dishes by hand after they’d been in the dishwasher.

Many also thought dishwashers were the most likely appliance to break down.

We’ve tested 150 models to find the best dishwashers for you. Head to our dishwasher reviews for the latest Best Buys – and if you’ve got a problem with your dishwasher, try our troubleshooting dishwasher repairs tool. 

Choose a reliable dishwasher

Which? dishwasher expert Matt Stevens says: ‘We’ve been testing dishwashers for a long time here at Which? and we do see some bad ones. 

‘The worst models on test use lots of water, leave plates dirty, glasses smeared, and the actual dishwasher itself needs cleaning on the inside, too. Our dishwashers testing video highlights exactly what we look for during our testing.

‘We don’t just test performance, though. Our annual dishwasher reliability survey also uncovers which are the most reliable brands and those that should give you unrivalled service.’

Which? top three dishwasher tips

Follow our tips to get the best out of your dishwasher:

1. Choose a reliable dishwasher brand – our dishwasher reliability results are a good place to start.

2. Load the dishwasher properly – don’t be tempted to overload it or put things in the wrong place.

3. Use a good dishwasher detergent – our dishwasher tablets review reveals our top-rated Best Buys.

Dishwashers and cookers most wanted

Despite the ‘least trusted’ label, dishwashers are still one of the most wanted kitchen appliances, the survey of 3,000 people found – just behind a fancy cooker.

Of those who said they hand-washed pots, pans and dishes, 56% claimed they found doing the washing-up therapeutic. The findings come from a survey carried out by cleaning solutions company Vileda.

After dishwashers, washing machines were voted the second least trusted appliance, followed by kettles – but what do you think? We’d love to hear from you on Which? Conversation.

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