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Which? verdict on energy-saving tumble dryers

Two heat pump tumble dryers tested by Which?

Bosch and Miele

Bosch and Miele claim their heat pump dryers can cut energy use by almost 50%, using technology that works like ‘a fridge in reverse’. We’ve tested both out in the Which? test lab.

The WTW84360GB from Bosch and the T8826WP from Miele are condenser dryers that use heat pumps to reheat warm air and conserve heat – a design feature that could provide energy savings of up to 50% when compared with some machines on the market.

For full results of how the Bosch WTW84360GB and Miele T8826WP tumble dryers performed in our latest tests – and how they compare with over 100 other big name dryers – have a look at our tumble dryers review. 

Improved tumble dryer design

Which? tumble dryer expert Katie Hill said: ‘Tumble dryers are renowned for being energy guzzlers, and differences in efficiency are far greater than they are among washing machines, which now tend to have an A-rating on the EU’s labelling scheme.

‘It’s great to see manufacturers finding new ways to lower tumble dryer energy consumption, as it provides consumers with greener options that will also help keep energy bills down. Hopefully this technology will trickle down to cheaper models so that everyone has the option to make savings.’

Energy efficient drying

Our tumble dryer scores take into account energy consumption during small and large loads of cottons and recommended synthetics loads, as well as the energy used to get laundry both cupboard and iron-dry.

Annual running costs of a G-rated dryer are almost double those of an A-rated appliance, with most tumble dryers achieving a C-rating for energy efficiency. For advice on how to use your dryer more efficiently and reduce your monthly energy bills, have a look at our energy-saving tumble dryer tips.

Bosch and Miele tumble dryers

Bosch tumble dryers cost between £310 and £650, with the WTW84360GB coming in at the higher end of the scale, at around £600. 

Miele appliances tend to command a higher price tag and the T8826WP is no exception – expect to pay over £1,000 for this model. To find out more about both brands, have a look at how they compare with other big names in our best tumble dryer brands review.

Last month, Beko launched the DPU8360 condenser dryer, which makes similar energy saving claims and also uses heat exchange technology instead of the more power hungry heaters in older dryers. Beko claims this produces a 50% improvement in efficiency when compared with a C-rated dryer.

While we haven’t yet tested the DPU8360, we’re keen to get it to our lab – at £450, it’s a much cheaper option than those from Miele and Bosch.

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