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Who insures you for volcanoes, terrorism or strikes?

Only four insurers will cover unexpected events

Volcanic ash cloud

Consumers are increasingly interested in cover for unexpected events, such as volcanic ash

Growing fears over terrorism, volcanic ash or civil unrest has not prompted many insurers to offer more comprehensive travel insurance cover.

Which? research has revealed that just four of the leading 83 travel insurance policies on the market will cover travellers for six major unexpected events. 

Age UK, AXA, Barclays and BIBA are the only insurance providers to offer policies covering scheduled airline failure insurance (SAFI), holiday failure, strikes action, volcanic ash, terrorism and civil unrest. 

The Financial Ombudsman Service recently ruled that the fallout from the Icelandic volcano must be classed as ‘poor weather conditions’, meaning that hundreds of people who complained about their insurer not paying out were obliged to issue redress. 

Other insurers should follow the big four’s lead

Which? travel insurance expert Dan Moore said: ‘Following on from recent turbulence emerging from the Icelandic volcano, civil unrest in the Middle East and the Far East, and looming concerns about terrorism, it is surprising that so few insurance providers are offering this level of cover. Surely, the industry should step up and offer insurance that deals with eventualities that may be rare, but are of concern to people.’  

To see the full list of travel insurance providers offering various elements of cover for unexpected event visit the travel insurance guide. 

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