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Double value on Tesco Clubcard vouchers

The Tesco Clubcard voucher exchange is back

The Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard scheme is offering double value on vouchers for one month 

The Tesco Clubcard voucher exchange is back, offering clubcard users double the value on vouchers to spend on certain items, but watch what you spend it on.

Do your research

The Tesco Clubcard loyalty card scheme offers double the value of vouchers through the month of August, in a promotion dubbed the ‘Summer Clubcard Voucher Exchange’. The deal is applicable to six departments, including the ‘Finest’ range of food and soft drinks.

As we reported in our recent report on loyalty cards, Tesco offer 2 points per £1 with each point worth 1p. But be careful what you chose to spend it on.

When we researched what you get in exchange for your points, we found that some deals are a lot better than others, with £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers typically giving you a like-for-like return on Tesco shopping, whereas the same number of points would effectively be worth triple the value for selected meals out for instance.

Summer Clubcard Voucher Exchange

Tesco’s double-points deal is available for items in: the ‘Finest’ range of food & soft drinks; skincare, cosmetics & fragrance; mobile phones & accessories; flowers & plants; opticians; pet food & accessories.

You can exchange vouchers in store or online, where every £5 worth of vouchers can be swapped for an ‘exchange token’, which you can then spend on the items you want. These can be used until 1st September 2011.

Read all about Loyalty cards in our online guide, including our advice on how the schemes compare to each other and what you need to be aware of when looking at spending your points.

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