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Innovative 18-month bond from Yorkshire BS

New bond pays 3.5% AER

Yorkshire BS cash

18-months bond from Yorkshire BS

Yorkshire Building Society is extending its portfolio of savings products with a new 18-month fixed-rate savings bond paying an attractive rate.

The new bond – which pays 3.50% AER – will be added to the Yorkshire Building Society’s range of fixed-term savings products from 1st September and compares favourably with other current fixed-rate Best Rate deals.

The minimum amount needed to open a bond is £1,000 and savers can invest up to a maximum of £2,000,000. The 18-month bond matures in May 2013 and is available from any of Yorkshire Building Society’s 135 branches or by telephone.

18 months is an effective compromise

Mike Helliwell, Yorkshire Building Society’s savings product manager, said of the new deal: ‘We are finding that savers are still very uncertain about what will happen to interest rates in the short and medium term.

‘Choosing an 18-month bond is a compromise between a one-year bond and investing your money for a longer period, although an existing savings bond, which pays 3.80% AER over a three-year term, remains very popular with savers.’

Fairly attractive rate on offer

The new offer was welcomed by Paul Davies, savings analyst at Which?: ‘The idea of a fixed-rate deal lasting for 18 months will appeal to people wanting a decent rate but not willing to tie their cash up for too long, with the expectation that interest rates must rise at some stage.

‘The rate of 3.50% beats the best rates on one-year fixed-rate deals, but you can get significantly higher rates on the best two-year fixed-rate savings accounts, which currently pay in the region of between 3.8% and 4.0%.’

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