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Nintendo lowers UK price of 3DS

Huge price drop for the handheld console

Nintendo 3DS

Retailers look set to drastically lower their selling price of the 3DS by as much as £80, in the hope of encouraging further sales.

The dramatic price drop of the 3DS comes weeks after Nintendo announced it would be lowering the cost of the unit to stores, in the hope that this saving would be passed onto the consumer.

The official date for the price decrease is the 12h of August, with many retailers advertising the new price of the 3DS from tomorrow. Tesco is currently rumoured to be offering the console for just £115, down from £195.

Poor Nintendo 3DS sales

The price drop comes after slow sales of the 3DS, with disappointing take up. The main reason for this, as surfaced in a Nintendo commissioned survey, was due to the price, with many consumers feeling that the cost on release was too high.

Other issues, such as a lack of big software titles and complaints of headaches when using the system, have also affected sales.

Nintendo compensating ‘early adopters’

In and effort to appease early adopters of the system, Nintendo has announced its ‘ambassador program’, where those who purchased the console at full price will be rewarded with free downloadable games.

The twenty games will come from the NES and Gameboy Advance library, and will include big titles such as Zelda and Mario.

Owners can sign up for the ambassador program by logging into the e-store on their 3DS. Cut off for this is the 11th of August, prior to the price drop.

Sony announced a competitor to the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, called the Sony PlayStation Vita. It will feature a touchscreen and improved controls for 3D games, but it’s not due to be released until 2012. 

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