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Non-swivelling wheels halt Bugaboo Bee sales

Bugaboo admits wheels could jam and buggy could tip over

Bugaboo Bee Black

Owners of the popular Bugaboo Bee pushchair are being urged to contact Bugaboo’s customer services, after a problem was identified with the front wheels which could cause them to jam and the buggy could tip over.

Bee owners have been complaining that the front wheels of the Bugaboo Bee do not swivel correctly. 

Non-swivelling wheels reported

Which? contacted Bugaboo after complaints about the Bugaboo Bee started appearing on the pushchair review pages on the Which? website. 

Bugaboo told us that it was aware that some Bugaboo Bee customers were experiencing non-swivelling front wheels. It said it was taking action to resolve the problem, after a safety assessment found that the Bee was ‘not up to our quality standard.’

Which? has now published an extensive question-and-answer guide on the Bugaboo Bee wheel problem. If you’ve registered your Bee, you should automatically receive a new set of wheels from Bugaboo. If you haven’t, call its customer services on 0800 5878265.

Bugaboo takes action

The problem affects Bugaboo Bee pushchairs produced between January 2011 and September 2011.

Shipments and sales of the Bee have been stopped and pushchair owners are being urged to contact Bugaboo for a new set of wheels.

A Bugaboo spokesman said: ‘The safety and wellbeing of our customers and their children is paramount to Bugaboo. We are doing all we can to solve this issue as soon as possible.’

Safety first

Which? pushchair expert Victoria Pearson said: ‘Bugaboo has set up a dedicated page on bugaboo.com where consumers can log-on and request a set of replacement wheels. 

‘Currently Which? is satisfied that Bugaboo is taking reasonable action to remedy this problem. We urge people who have purchased a Bugaboo Bee since January 2011 to contact Bugaboo to discuss their options.’

For more information about this problem visit the non-swiveling wheels page on the Bugaboo website.

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