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Top 5 worst cars of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Disappointing, outrageous and ugly cars unveiled

2011 Honda Civic

The top 5 cars we didn’t like at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Motor shows are some of the most exciting events in the car calendar, showcasing new models that will soon hit the market and concepts that signal the future. 

But sometimes these new offerings can be underwhelming, beyond the realms of reality or even just downright hideous.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is the largest event of its kind in the world – and the Which? Car team was there. Here is our pick of the five cars and concepts at Frankfurt that we liked least, along with our reasons why.

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5. Fiat Panda

2012 Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda

You may be asking why the new, third-generation, Panda has made it into our top five of the most disappointing cars at the 2011 Frankfurt Show. Well, it’s the fact that Fiat is calling this a new generation of the Panda when it looks almost unchanged. The Fiat Panda is an acceptable supermini, but the slightly more rounded looks aren’t enough of a shift in design to warrant it being called a completely new model. We were excited when we discovered the Italian carmaker was going to launch a new version of its budget-friendly, no-frills city car, but we were pretty underwhelmed with what we found when we arrived at the Fiat stand.

Peugeot HX1 concept

Peugeot HX1 concept

4. Peugeot HX1 concept

Many of the concepts revealed at motor shows don’t make production for a variety of reasons. The design may be too outrageous, too expensive to produce or simply just a styling exercise. However, the Peugeot HX1, a six-seat MPV for 2020, isn’t likely to go on sale looking like this for one good reason: it won’t fit in a parking space. At almost five metres long, it’s half a metre longer than Peugeot’s current seven-seat MPV, the 5008. Parallel parking could be tricky, too.

Eterniti Hemera

Eterniti Hemera

3. Eterniti Hemera

You’ve probably not heard of Eterniti before. That’s because it’s a brand new British manufacturer, and the Hemera is its first model. With the company claiming this to be the world’s first super-SUV, we can’t help but notice that it looks almost identical to another high-performance car of this type, the Porsche Cayenne. It’s in our top five purely for lack of imagination.

2. Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc

Bugatti Veyrom L'Or Blanc

Bugatti Veyrom L’Or Blanc

This specimen is the Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc – the latter part of its naming meaning ‘white gold’ in French. It’s one in a long line of special variations of the car that is famed for being the fastest road car in the world. However, the L’Or Blanc could also arguably take the mantle as the most ludicrous road car ever. It’s a custom model that’s been developed with a porcelain producer based in Berlin, and porcelain features throughout the design. The question is, do you want the same material used to make toilets gracing your £1.5m supercar?

1. Honda Civic

2011 Honda Civic

Honda Civic

When the current Honda Civic hit showrooms in 2006, it looked like nothing else on the road. Unfortunately, when the next generation model goes on sale in October, it will look very similar, but slightly worse. The wrap-around single headlight unit has been replaced by a more conventional split layout, and the angular exhaust outlets have also gone. However, despite Honda claiming the new Civic has been changed to meet the requirements of existing customers, the rear-view-blocking window spoiler still remains. Honda has tried to hype-up the eagerly anticipated new family hatch, but it’s fallen short of most people’s expectations, especially as Honda has, historically, substantially changed the look of the Civic for each new generation.

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