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Energy summit first step to improving the market

Which? wants swift solutions for energy customers

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Which? hopes the energy summit will mark a step towards more affordable energy. 

On Monday 17 October, Which? will join the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) energy suppliers and other consumer groups, to discuss ways to help consumers tackle energy issues this winter.

The energy summit aims to work out what can be done to ease the pressure on consumers.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said:

‘With winter just around the corner and millions of people worrying about rising energy bills, this summit must deliver real and immediate help for consumers. 

‘Which? wants to see switching made easier and for consumers to get practical information about how they can save money before the cold weather hits.’

The average annual fuel bill is over £1,300. With rising fuel poverty in the UK – where more than 10% of the household income is spent on fuel – consumer groups, like Which?, are concerned for consumers feeling the squeeze.

Low trust in energy companies

Which? is asking suppliers and the government to address the low levels of trust in energy companies, and take steps to solve the problems consumers face.

This includes commitments to tackling energy mis-selling, honesty about price increases, and creating a more competitive energy market that works for consumers.

Which? wants these see simple actions taken so consumers can see the impact before the winter sets in.

We are also working to resolve wider issues with the energy market to devise a long-term solution. Richard Lloyd said:

‘We need commitments from suppliers and the Government to put an end to practices that harm consumers and action to create a competitive energy market that works for everyone.’

Switch and save

Although most consumers can save money by switching their energy tariff, many don’t due to the perception that switching is more hassle than it’s worth. Which? Switch customers save an average of £237 per year by switching their energy tariff.

Which? would like to see switching made easier. We would also like suppliers to alert consumers if they could be on a cheaper tariff.

Customers should also be given clear advice about how they can save money on their bills ahead of winter.

These aims are part of our Affordable Energy Campaign to help consumers spend as little as possible on energy.

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