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Five ways to save energy and cash with your dishwasher

Fill your dishwasher and use the energy-saving program

Dishwasher Energy Saver logo

Using the energy save program will cut energy use by more than 17% or £8pa

Changing the way you use your dishwasher can significantly reduce the amount of energy used and can cut the cost of dishwashing by £40 over five years, according to the latest Which? research.

Reviews of the latest dishwashers from AEG, Hotpoint, Indesit and John Lewis have just been added to more than 100 other dishwasher reviews on the Which? site. 

As well as how well each dishwasher cleans, we also test how much energy they use and calculate their annual energy costs, awarding the most energy efficient our Which? Energy Saver logo.

Find the best performing and most energy-efficient dishwashers tested by Which? in our dishwashers review. Not sure where to start? Watch our expert video .

Ways to save with your dishwasher

Read the Which? five-point plan for cheaper dishwashing.

1. Use the energy-save program

Energy-save (or eco) programs cut energy use by around 17% on average by washing at low temperatures (45° to 50°). It takes longer to get dishes clean, but the dishwasher doesn’t use as much energy to heat the water. Energy-save programs also cut water use by around three litres per wash for a full-sized machine.

2. Fill your dishwasher 

Dishwashing with a full-load is the most energy-efficient way of cleaning. If your dishwasher doesn’t have sensors to measure the dirtiness of the water, washing a full load could use the same amount of energy and water as washing just one plate.

3. Load it properly

Place large items at the back and sides, if big dishes are at the front, this can stop water from reaching the detergent dispenser. And if this happens, you may need to run another program to clean the load.

4. Avoid intensive and half-load programs

Intensive programs wash with the hottest water (around 70°C) and they tend to use more energy and water than other programs. They’re a good option if you’ve got very dirty items, such as roasting trays or casserole dishes, that need to be blasted clean, but they’re very energy hungry. And half-load options don’t tend to use half of the energy.

5. Use the delayed-start function

If you have a dishwasher with a delayed-start function and an Economy 7 electricity tariff, you’ll be able to set the dishwasher to run through the night to take advantage of cheaper night-time electricity.

Energy-saving dishwashers

Best Buy dishwashers with a Which? Energy Saver logo are in the top 10% of all full-sized dishwashers we’ve tested for energy use on their main program. On average, dishwasher reviews on the Which? site with the Energy Saver logo use 22% less energy than average.

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