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One in three not prepared for winter driving

Tips to prepare your car for the winter months


Cold weather is the talk of the town

Are we heading for another cold snap?

With winter fast approaching and the continuous reminder from tyre manufacturers for car owners to get winter tyres fitted, what else should you be thinking about to ensure you are fully prepared for the cold months ahead?

One in three not prepared for winter driving

A recent Manheim Auctions survey highlighted that one in three drivers are not properly prepared for the challenges that the winter months may throw at them. 

The survey also revealed that only 33% of 3,000 respondents plan to carry spare warm clothing and only 25% would have jump leads with them.

Many of us will make sure we top up the screen wash and have an ice-scraper in the car, but there are other simple steps that could help if you were to get caught out in snowy conditions.

Essential items

There are at least 10 essential items we would recommend you keep in your car over the next few months, ranging from an in-car mobile phone charger (as the latest smart phones can have a particularly short battery life), to a rope and shovel to get your vehicle out of any tight situations.

If the weather does turn to snow or ice, it is also important to adapt your driving style, making sure there is at least a seven or eight second gap between you and the vehicle in front. The amount of grip between your tyres and the road can be limited on icy patches, so the extra gap will give you a safe stopping distance. 

You may also want to consider purchasing a set of snow socks, we first looked some last winter and found they significantly improved grip on fresh and compacted snow.

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