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Revealed: the real cost of looking after a baby

Parents spend £1200 on first-year essentials

Newborn baby

Essentials for the average bottle-fed baby cost parents almost £1200 in the first year, according to research from Mysupermarket.

The supermarket price comparison site added up the cost of baby essentials and found that in the first year the average baby used:

  • 3,528 nappies costing almost £460
  • 10,584 baby wipes costing £127
  • 50 packs of nappy bags costing £15

Baby care essentials

Once other baby products such as nappy cream, baby bath and shampoo, talc and baby food are included Mysupermarket says the average breastfed baby costs £792 in its first year.

Add the 42 tins of formula milk that the average bottle-fed baby gets through before it turns one, and the costs rises to £1174.

If you’re expecting a baby, our savvy-shopping guide to the baby products you need includes expert tips and advice. We’ve also got hints on where you can save money, too.

Shop around to cut baby costs

The cost of baby products soon adds up, so its important to shop around. Prices can vary by up to 40% depending on where you shop, according to Mysupermarket.

Online price comparison sites can be a good way to check out the various deals on offer. 

The Mysupermarket website includes prices from major supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug so you can work out where baby essentials and heath and beauty products are cheapest.

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