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Safety alert for American-style fridge freezer

CDA faulty fridge freezer is a re-branded Samsung

Samsung fridge freezer

Kitchen appliance manufacturer CDA has issued a safety alert for one of its American-style fridge freezers.

The warning relates to PC62SS fridge freezers manufactured between March 2005 and June 2006. 

According to the safety alert, there is a possibility ‘internal sparking’ could occur in the fridge freezer. 

This is ‘very rare’ according to the company, but could pose a fire risk.

Safety warning for fridge freezer

The CDA PC62SS is a stainless steel American-style fridge freezer. It was originally manufactured by Samsung, then given CDA branding.

A safety warning for the Samsung-branded version of this fridge freezer was issued back in 2010. 

Which? Home editor Liz Edwards said: ‘It seems there are issues with the safety warning alert system if it can take more than 18 months for the message to get through to the right places – while consumers remain at risk of a fire.’

CDA response

CDA told Which? it had first become aware of the recall in May 2011, and since then had taken steps to contact affected customers.

It said the company had purchased the fridge freezers from an Italian intermediary company, rather than directly from Samsung. The Italian company had closed several years before the recall so the message was not passed on.

CDA said: ‘Both the chances of any CDA appliance being affected and the possibility of a component failure occurring are very small. Samsung has assured the public that the risk is low. CDA has taken every possible step to track down any products that could have been affected.’

Fridge freezer problems

CDA is the latest manufacturer with fridge freezer problems. 

In a separate incident earlier this year, Which? reported on the Beko fridge freezer fire risk, after 20 fires were linked to Beko fridge freezers.

Is your fridge freezer affected?

CDA says it stopped selling the PC62SS American fridge freezer, which cost around £2000 when new, in 2009. Prior to that is sold around 50 of these fridge freezers a year.

Only models manufactured between March 2005 and June 2006 are affected by the safety notice.

CDA fridge freezer serial number

Where to find the serial number on your CDA fridge freezer.

Action for customers

CDA says it has contacted customers who registered their fridge freezer when they bought it, to inform them of the safety notice. Retailers that sold the appliance and Trading Standards have also been informed.

To find out whether you own an affected model contact CDA on 01949 862012 or email ccd.admin@cda.eu.

CDA will ask for the fridge freezer serial number (found on the left-hand side of the fridge wall) which will determine whether your model is affected. The picture on the right shows where the serial number is.

If it is, the company will arrange for a Samsung engineer to visit and if necessary, carry out a repair.

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