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Ways to save on Bonfire Night

Tips to help you have a frugal 5th November.

Save money on Bonfire Night

There are lots of ways for you to save cash this Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night can end up being horribly expensive – especially if you have a big family. Here are six quick tips to help you have a fun and frugal 5th of November.  

Fireworks at home

1. If you’re hosting a fireworks party at home, it’s particularly important to make sure your home insurance (both buildings and contents) is up to scratch. Every year, thousands of pounds worth of property is damaged by fireworks that go astray.

And check that your insurance covers items in your garden, too: Sheds and plants can also be fireworks casualties.

2. Ask each guest to bring one item of food or drink – or a small, cheap addition to the display (like a packet of sparklers). 

3. Finally, check out the discounts and multi-buy firework deals currently on offer at supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 

However, don’t buy fireworks from a questionable source – like a pop-up market stall. This is likely to prove a false economy as they may fail to work as advertised. And at worst, they may even be unsafe.

Public displays

4. If you’re looking for a free public fireworks display in your area, check your local council’s website. Londoners can also see a full range of local displays (many of which are free) in this Time Out guide.

And if you’re paying to attend an event, try to buy your tickets in advance. Many displays put the price of tickets up when they sell them ‘on the door.’

5. Take a large, filling picnic dinner to any public event. The cold is likely to make you even more hungry than usual, so don’t be forced to visit the overpriced burger van.

6. Finally, take your own sparklers for the kids (rather than buying them at the display). They are likely to cost a fraction of the price at your local supermarket, and involve much less queuing. 

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