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How to spot a fake Apple iPad

We take a look a fake iPad and compare it to the real thing

How to spot a fake Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is arguably one of the most desirable tech gadgets available at the moment, so it’s easy to see why a cheap model might be tempting. We take a look at  a fake iPad and compare it to the real thing, telling you what to look out for when trying to tell them apart.

The fake iPad on the left is easily identified in a side-by side with the real thing


The photograph above demonstrates the big differences between a real iPad box and a fake one. The fake might stick out like a sore thumb for those who know, but it’s not too hard to see how someone unfamiliar with the product might mistake the fake for the real deal.

Confusing and conflicting messages is something to look out for when it comes to packaging. On the iPad wannabe, for example, there is an Android logo. No official Apple product would ever use Android, so this is a good indicator that shoppers should steer clear.

The fake iPad is much smaller than the real one


As you can probably see in our photos, the similarties between the real and fake iPads are few and far between. However, while the example is easy to distiguish from the real deal, there are more sophisticated knock-offs out there.

Real Apple iPads have a 9.7-inch screen, so anything claiming to be an iPad but is smaller or larger than this must be a fake. The screen should also be a dark black when turned off, almost blending in with the bezel. The fake iPad has a cheaper grey screen.

When we turn both products over, we are presented with quite a contrast. The real Apple product features information about the memory size of the product, with a large Apple logo and various saftety standard logos. The fake version just has a rather sorry looking Apple motif.

It’s also worth familiarising yourself with the ports on the official product. The fake version has ports which don’t exsist on the official product (such as the microSD memory card slot), and the placements are all wrong.

Even the cheeky use of the Apple logo can’t disguise this fake


The official iPad comes with a USB cable for charging. The fake model, which we found comes with a very generic looking power supply, is not Apple branded.

Also included should be some official Apple documentation. Again, with the fake iPad, there was nothing like this.

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