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Scammers con people with fake energy-saving devices

£99 device doesn't work and could be unsafe

Energy Saving Scam

Scammers have tricked people into paying £99 for an energy-saving device that doesn’t work.

Trading Standards have received more than 200 complaints about the scammers – who sell a plug-in energy device they claim saves 40% off your energy bill.

Trading Standards has tested the items and found that not only do they not yield the promised savings but they also pose a fire and electrocution risk.

Which? energy expert Sylvia Baron says: ‘There are lots of easy ways you can genuinely save electricity so don’t get sucked into this con. Check out our guide to cutting your energy bills – including genuine energy-saving gadgets and free ways of cutting electricity use – for genuine energy-saving advice.’ 

Energy-saving device scam

The Trading Standards Institute is warning people that the scammers appear credible. They already know consumers’ details such as their energy supplier and sometimes part of their credit or debit card number.

It has named four different suppliers carrying out the scam – 1 Stop Marketing Solutions, ITC Development Corp, Power Saver and Athico Ltd. However, it also believes they could be using other names as well.

Some of the names used are very similar to genuine companies – for example Power Saver Ltd is not involved in this fraud. The director of Athico Ltd also appears to have been a victim of the scam himself. 

Scam victims

If you think you’ve been the victim of a scam contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or Consumer Direct on 0845 404 0506. You should also contact your bank to stop your debit or credit card. If you already have the device you should not use it.  

For more information and advice, see the Which? guide to reporting a scam.

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