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Ford unveils 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine

New 1.0 engine in the Focus five-door hatchback

Ford has unveiled a new high-efficiency 1.0-litre Ecoboost turbocharged petrol engine. It will make its debut in the Focus five-door hatchback.

01 Ford Focus

The Focus is the UK’s second best-selling car

The Focus has been a huge success for Ford for over a decade. It’s currently the second best-selling car in the UK, and is sold in over 120 countries. With efficiency moving up the list of priorities, we take a look at what the new 1.0 litre engine will offer.

New 1.0-litre turbocharged engine

The new powerplant is a direct injection three-cylinder turbocharged petrol unit. Ford claims it will offer similar performance to a conventional non-turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol, while achieving significant gains in fuel economy and emissions.

The new engine will be available in 97bhp or 123bhp guises and produces up to 125lb ft of torque (pulling power) or 148lb ft on overboost – a system that further utilises the engine’s turbo to produce increased torque for short periods of time.

Claims of 59.9mpg and 109g/km CO2

02 Ford Focus

Ford claims the new engine will return 58.9mpg

This latest addition to Ford’s line-up of Ecoboost-branded engines will make its debut in the Focus five-door hatchback.

In entry-level 97bhp form, the new engine is said to give the Focus fuel economy of 58.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 109g/km. The 123bhp version is said to return 56.5mpg, with 114g/km CO2.

Compared to the current 125bhp non-turbo 1.6-litre engine fitted in the Focus – which recorded combined fuel economy and emissions of 45.6mpg and 140g/km CO2 in our test lab – Ford’s claims for the new engine certainly look promising.

Lower running costs

The upshot of all this is that the new engine should deliver substantial savings compared to the existing 1.6-litre Focus.

03 Ford Focus

Efficient engine means free car tax for the first 12 months

Eligible for free car tax for the first 12 months thanks to its low emissions – rising to £20 per year and £30 per year for the 97bhp and 123bhp engines respectively – buyers can expect to save £115 in tax in the first year, and £95 or £85 under current regulations every year after.

The lower emissions also mean the new engine receives a Benefit in Kind tax rating of 13%, so company car drivers can expect to save as much as £32 per month given the 40% tax rating of the current 1.6-litre Focus.

And, with claimed fuel economy improved by nearly 25%, the new engine also stands to save buyers money at the pumps.

The new Ecoboost engine will command a £250 premium over the 125bhp 1.6-litre Focus’ £17,495 list price, and will be available from 22 February this year. The new engine will subsequently feature in C-Max, Grand C-Max and the new B-Max later this year.

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