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Sanyo recall microwaves over electric shock fears

Sanyo microwaves recalled due to safety fears

Sanyo Microwave

Sanyo EM-C8787B and EM-C8787W have caused electric shocks and are being recalled

Sanyo have recalled almost 20,000 microwaves because they gave electric shocks to three owners in Australia and there are fears the affected machines could potentially cause further electric shocks.

One Sanyo customer in Australia was hospitalised after receiving a severe electric shock and two other cases of minor electric shocks have been reported, also in Australia. The microwaves affected are the Sanyo EM-C8787B UK2 and the Sanyo EM-C8787W.

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The electric shocks are caused by production failures which were missed by Sanyo’s inspection procedures. On the microwaves that have given customers shocks, metallic paint on the control buttons came into contact with live areas within the microwave.  

Do you own these Sanyo microwaves?

The models recalled are the Sanyo EM-C8787B UK2 and the Sanyo EM-C8787W combination microwaves which were manufactured from February 2010.  18,161 potentially dangerous microwaves were sold in the UK, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain from March 2010 to January 2012.

The serial numbers of the affected models are:

1002UKM00617 A to 01128A, 1004UKM00001A to 00512A, 1004UKM01129A to 01640A, 1008UKM00001A to 01024A, 1008UKM01641A to 02152A, 1011UKM00001A to 00257A, 1011UKM05771A to 06537A, 1012UKM00001A to 01024A, 1104AUM01241A to 01752A, 1105UKM00617A to 01640A, 1107UKM00001A to 01024A and 1109UKM00001A to 00512A

Which? microwaves expert Matt Stevens says: ‘Sanyo have told us that there are more than 8,000 of these potentially dangerous Sanyo EM-C8787 microwaves in UK homes. If you have one, check the serial number and if yours is one of those listed here, unplug it and contact Sanyo.’

Getting a refund

If you own the Sanyo EM-C8787B or the Sanyo EM-C8787W, advice from Sanyo is to stop using it immediately, unplug it and to phone Sanyo on 0800 230019 or 01923 477352. You can find the serial number on the rating plate, which is on the back of the microwave.

If you bought either the Sanyo EM-C8787B or the Sanyo EM-C8787W directly from Sanyo, they have confirmed that they will refund the price you paid. Sanyo told us that they have alerted shops and online retailers to the problem. So if you bought from a retailer, return the microwave and request a refund of the price you paid for it.

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