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Babystyle unveils Oyster Max double pushchair

New Babystyle Oyster Max - a travel system for two

Babystyle Oyster Max with seats facing

Babystyle Oyster Max allows your children to face each other

Babystyle has announced a new double version of its popular Oyster pushchair – called the Babystyle Oyster Max – which will allow two children to ride the pushchair in tandem.

The new Babystyle Oyster Max has been designed to appeal to parents who want a compact single pushchair to carry two children, with a short wheelbase.

Inline tandems are double pushchairs where one child rides in a seat above the back wheels. 

This style of pushchair – popularised by Phil and Teds – can usually be adapted to take one or two seats. 

You can find out how inline tandems have performed in our tough durability, safety and usability tests in the Which? pushchairs review.

New Babystyle Oyster Max

Babystyle Oyster Max

Babystyle Oyster Max

The new Oyster Max will take either two carrycots, two seat units or two car seats in a large variety of combinations – even allowing twins or siblings to face each other. 

Babystyle claims that the second seat will be the same size as the original Oyster seat and will have a reclining backrest.

It can also be used as a single pushchair to carry one child by removing the back seat.

Which? pushchairs expert Victoria Pearson says: ‘Inline tandem pushchairs seem very practical but one problem with them is that the lower child usually gets a less comfortable seat than the first one.

‘Many second seats leave the lower child with their feet dangling in the shopping basket and no view, which the many parents who make up our testing panel don’t always find very appealing.

‘We’ll be looking forward to getting our hands on this one and comparing it with the many other doubles we’ve already tested.’

In the meantime, you can read our full verdict on the original single Babystyle Oyster pushchair.

Babystyle Oyster Max as a single pushchair

Babystyle Oyster Max as a single pushchair

Oyster Max spring debut 

The Oyster Max will make its debut at the Harrogate Nursery Fair in March. 

We’re assured by the Babystyle team that it will have a shopping basket when it is released.

Which? will be there and hopes to bring you a video of this exciting new pushchair release as soon as we can.

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