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Ed Davey: The Big Switch is ‘a huge opportunity’

Energy secretary supports group energy deal

Shadow cabinet supports big switch

Energy secretary Ed Davey expressed his support for The Big Switch when he attended a Which? panel debate in London this morning. 

Consumers and key energy stakeholders joined the discussion on how to engage consumers with the energy market. Many were keen to put forward their views on how consumers can be encouraged to seek out the best deals and save energy and money.

More information, more power

Ed Davey argued that to encourage consumers to engage they need to be given more information (for instance in the form of the government’s MiData scheme) and more power, through collective purchasing schemes such as The Big Switch.

He said: ‘We all know switching can lead to real savings, but many aren’t doing it. Switching rates actually fell during recent price rises. With The Big Switch, Which? is showing how collective purchasing can be done.’ 

Shadow cabinet joins The Big Switch

Shadow energy secretary, Caroline Flint, also showed support for collective purchasing. Discussing similar collective purchasing schemes in other countries, she said: ‘When it’s come to it the companies have stepped up and offered a genuine deal. They say they can’t move on prices, but they can offer a deal when offered enough customers.’

Ministers from the shadow cabinet also showed their support for The Big Switch campaign by signing up in Westminster today.

The Big Switch

If you’d like to join more than 210,000 others there’s still time to register for The Big Switch. Customers can register until the 31 March 2012. 

Which? will then negotiate with energy companies to try and secure a market-leading deal. 

When the best deal has been offered, you’ll be sent an email with a tailored savings estimate letting you know how much you could save. You then get to decide whether to accept the deal.

The Big Switch is run in partnership with campaigning group 38 Degrees. 

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