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Quarter of a million join The Big Switch

Companies must 'prove they are serious' about good deals

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The more people who sign up, the stronger our bargaining power

More than 250,000 people have registered for The Big Switch – where Which? will try to negotiate the cheapest energy deal on behalf of a group of gas and electricity customers. 

The Big Switch aims to breathe life into the energy market by encouraging companies to compete to offer the best deal to a large group.

It is still possible to sign up to The Big Switch by providing your energy tariff, usage and supplier information before 25 April.

Cheaper energy bills

Executive director of Which? Richard Lloyd is encouraged by the snowballing popularity of The Big Switch. He said: ‘This campaign is a UK first and the response from consumers has been fantastic.’

Over a thousand people are signing up each day, with more than 9,000 joining in the last week. The more people who participate, the stronger Which?’s bargaining power with the energy companies.

Richard Lloyd added: ‘Many energy companies have said they want a better relationship with their customers, so this is an opportunity for them to prove that they are serious about giving people the best possible deal.’

What is The Big Switch? 

The Big Switch aims to secure the best gas and electricity deal for UK consumers. If you’re interested in taking part you can register for The Big Switch by providing information about your current supplier, tariff and energy use. 

Which? will then negotiate with gas and electricity companies to try to secure a deal for the whole group. 

If a deal is chosen, everyone who has registered will be given an estimate of how much money they would save on the new deal, and can then choose whether or not to accept it. 

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