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Which?: ‘New iPad hotter, but not dangerous’

Lab testing examines iPad overheating concerns

Does the new iPad overheat?

After widespread concern over overheating issues with the new iPad, Which? testing shows that – while warmer than the iPad 2 – the new iPad doesn’t get dangerously hot.

The reports, which concern the heat produced when running intensive games such as Infinity Blade II, have shown that the new iPad runs noticeably warmer than the iPad 2 it replaces. 

To test these claims, Which? used a thermal imaging camera and ran a benchmark test for 30 minutes to see how the new iPad compared to the iPad 2. 

The tests showed that the iPad reached a temperature of 40.2 degrees, 9.2 degrees higher than the iPad 2. However, while warmer, the Which? test lab deemed this difference not to be dangerous. Christopher Christoforou, Which? tablets expert, said: ‘The issue of the iPad overheating, while noticeable, is not dangerous. There doesn’t appear to be any danger of it getting too hot, let alone it burning you, in normal conditions.’

The full lab-based Which? review of the new iPad will be published in a few days.

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