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John Lewis launches new broadband service

'John Lewis Phone & Broadband' to replace Greenbee

An own-brand broadband service has been launched as a ‘new and improved’ service from John Lewis, replacing Waitrose and Greenbee phone and broadband packages.

Three different services are available: Standard (from £24.50/month), Unlimited (from £31.50/month) and Fibre (from £38.50/month). The prices reflect differences in connection speed and the amount of data you can download each month, and each is based on a 12 month contract.

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Goodbye Greenbee

John Lewis previously offered phone and broadband services through Greenbee Phone & Broadband and Waitrose Broadband, but both services will be phased out over the coming months. Existing customers will need to upgrade to John Lewis Broadband.

Greenbee packages are no longer available, but the last time we checked a phone and broadband package (including line rental) cost £29.99 – just over £5/month more than John Lewis’ cheapest Standard package.

Paying more?

While Greenbee customers had the option of a broadband only deal, for £17.99, this isn’t available under the new service from John Lewis. Broadband is charged at £11/month, but you must combine it with a phone deal – and prices start at an additional £13.50/month.

This would mean existing Greenbee customers on a broadband only package would need to pay John Lewis at least an extra £6.50/month – though they wouldn’t need to pay extra for line rental.

We asked John Lewis how these customers could avoid paying for the same services twice when migrating to a John Lewis Phone and Broadband package while they were still contractually bound to another service provider.

John Lewis said: ‘For any any migrating customers who are tied into an existing contract on phone, we’ll allow them to take broadband only until their existing contract expires, at which point we’ll contact them again and encourage them to move their phone line to John Lewis.’

‘No hidden catches’

John Lewis’ Telecoms Manager, Adam Brown, said: ‘John Lewis broadband gives customers an upfront and transparent price on a range of broadband and phone packages with no hidden terms and conditions, a simple 12 month contract with no hidden catches and the excellent customer service that we are renowned for.’

The Standard package has a 20GB monthly usage allowance and advertises speeds of up to 16Mb, while the Unlimited option offers the same speed but with unlimited use. The Fibre Broadband has a 100GB monthly usage limit and boasts speeds up to 38MB.

The Greenbee package had speeds up to 8Mb and a monthly data transfer limit of 5GB. 

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