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Reviewed: the latest steam irons

Make ironing easier with a Which? Best Buy


Which? latest lab tests uncover three Best Buy steam irons

Need a new iron? Our latest lab test results will help point you in the right direction. We’ve tested and rated 14 of the newest steam irons available and uncovered three Best Buys that will sail through your ironing pile.

The Which? expert testers have ironed their way through piles of laundry to find the steamiest irons that make light work of crumpled cottons and creased linens. Our latest reviews cover steam irons from big appliance brands Bosch, Philips and Tefal, as well cheap irons from high street stores.

To read reviews of all our Best Buy steam irons and generators, and to find out which ones won’t remove creases from your clothes, head straight to our irons review area.

New Best Buy steam irons

The best irons generate lots of steam and are equipped with ultra-smooth soleplates that glide effortlessly over fabrics.

We’ve uncovered three Best Buy steam irons in our latest lab tests that give great glide action and produce an impressive amount of steam.

These newly crowned Best Buys are excellent at removing deep creases from thick fabrics and are a breeze to use.

Cheap steam irons

The latest steam irons on test range in price from a budget-busting £10 to £65 for a top-of the-range Bosch model, the Bosch TDA7650GB Sensor Secure.

If you don’t want to shell out on a branded model we’ve reviewed two cheap steam irons you can easily pick up on the high street. Both the Argos Steamworks Signature KB-152 and the Tesco Tricity TIRSS2211 cost just £10.

We’ve also included the Philips GC2930 Powerlife which, at £33, is cheap for a Philips steam iron.

Steam irons that keep limescale at bay

Which? irons expert Jess O’Leary says: ‘An iron that produces plenty of vapour when you first use it is all well and good, but will it steam as powerfully after several weeks of ironing?

‘Limescale is an iron’s number one enemy and can cause steam output to fall drastically, making it much harder to get rid of creases.

‘When we test steam irons we run extensive scaling tests that simulate three months of ironing to see how much scale builds. We then rate how effective descaling is and whether this returns steam power to original levels.’

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