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Shoppers getting smaller packs from Tesco.com

Shrinking pack sizes not mentioned on receipt

These three packs were smaller than those we’d ordered

Shoppers who buy groceries from Tesco online are receiving smaller versions of the items they ordered without being told on their receipt, Which? research has revealed.

Which? bought several items from Tesco’s website that arrived in smaller-than-expected pack sizes

We received a 900ml tub of Carte D’Or Light Vanilla ice cream instead of the one-litre tub we ordered; a 330ml pack of Magnum ice creams instead of 360ml; and a 592ml bottle of Ariel Excel Gel with Febreze in place of the 667ml bottle we ordered.

Pack sizes reduced, but prices weren’t

While the packs were smaller, none of the prices had been reduced. Neither the receipt nor the driver made any mention of these substitutions – the receipt claimed we had been sent the items in exactly the sizes
we’d ordered.

We think Tesco should have notified us that we’d been given smaller versions of these items. 

Tesco told us: ‘Our suppliers are required to inform us of changes to their products, so that we can update our customers. We are sorry that this hasn’t happened in a small number of cases, and are reminding all our suppliers of their obligations.’

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