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Sony ebooks store launches in UK

Reader Store links Sony ereaders to UK shop

After a long wait Sony has launched a UK ebook store, so anyone with a wireless Sony Reader can now buy ebooks straight from their device.

Previously, ebooks bought for a Sony ebook reader had to be downloaded onto a PC using Sony’s Ebook Reader Library software. Updates and new titles would then be synced to the ebook reader when it was connected to the computer.

For more specific details on how Sony’s ebook readers compare with other names on the market, like Amazon’s Kindle and various models from Kobo, have a look at the full lab test results in our ebook reader reviews.

Late to launch

Sony’s dedicated ebook store went live in the USA and Canada in 2006, and a launch in Japan followed in 2010. But the opening of the UK store – scheduled for October 2011 – has been delayed.

A spokesperson from Sony said: ‘We are pleased that the store is now open to our UK customers. We apologise for the long wait and inconvenience, but we wanted to be absolutely satisfied that our store was finished to a high standard for a first class consumer journey online.’

Not just for Sony Readers

Ebooks sold on Sony’s Reader Store are in ePub format, which is compatible with just about any other ebook reader on the market (except the Kindle, which needs ebooks in Amazon’s proprietary format). This means you can buy ebooks for other brands of ereader from Sony’s Reader Store.

The store has thousands of ebooks and subscriptions to the Daily Mail (and Mail on Sunday) and Guardian (and Observer). The books can be downloaded straight from your device if you have a Sony Reader with WiFi; otherwise you’ll need to visit the store to download Sony’s Reader App onto your PC or Mac, or Reader for Android from Google Play.

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