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Switching to a water meter ‘saves £100 a year’

Water meter calculator reveals how much you can save

The average household would save £100 a year if it switched to a water meter, the Consumer Council for Water claims.

Its online water meter calculator – a tool designed to help people work out whether they’d save cash by having a meter installed – has identified around £250,000 in savings for 2,500 consumers in England and Wales since the start of April.

With most households still paying a fixed charge for water and sewerage, that’s an average of £100 saving per home, while people living alone could save even more if they chose to switch to a meter. 

Water meter benefits

Water meters are free for most people in England and Wales, meaning any savings made go straight into the pockets of consumers.

Consumer Council for Water chair Dame Yve Buckland says: ‘People can ask their water company for a water meter to be fitted free of charge.

‘They can switch back within a year if they change their mind, or don’t make the savings they were expecting. If the water company finds a meter can’t be fitted at the property, it must offer an average charge which may also save customers money.’

Water meter calculator

The water usage calculator is available at the Consumer Council for Water’s website and works on most computers, tablets and mobile phones, or consumers can call 08457 023 953 for advice.

Some water companies such as Thames Water are trialling smart water meters to make water use even simpler to monitor, so it’s likely that more consumers in the future will switch, particularly if they can see that they will save money.

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