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British Gas launches simpler energy bills and tariffs

Which? renews call for market-wide reforms

British Gas has announced the launch of a simpler bill and tariff structure, which it says will make it easier for customers to compare tariffs and save money.

New British Gas customers will be offered simpler tariff structures, incorporating a daily standing charge with a flat unit rate on top. Their bills will also be simplified, and include advice on how to take advantage of insulation offers, and advice on possible cheaper tariff options with the company.

The new standing charge tariff structure is for all new customers, and existing British Gas customers can stay on their existing tariff, or choose to switch to the new tariff structure.

Tackle complex energy tariffs

Which? is calling on the government to implement wider reforms to energy tariffs, making them simpler and easier to compare. 

The new British Gas tariffs will be easier for customers on those tariffs to compare side-by-side, but in a market crowded with many different tariffs there is still an urgent need for change.

Which? is calling on energy customers to help tackle complex and confusing energy tariffs. We’re calling on Energy Secretary Edward Davey to implement greater reforms across the whole of the energy market.

Simpler British Gas tariffs?

The changes to British Gas tariffs and bills include:

  • A simpler tariff structure, with no ‘tiered’ unit rate. Customers will pay a standing charge of 52p per day, then a flat unit rate for the gas and electricity they use.
  • A ‘tariff checker’ on the front of energy bills, alerting customers to alternative British Gas tariffs that might be cheaper for them.
  • A flat 6% discount on their bill for paying by direct debit. This removes some of the confusion caused by British Gas’ current complex discount structure.

Which? has welcomed the changes as a small step forward, but James Tallack, energy policy advisor for Which? says: ‘We need simpler tariffs across the market, otherwise consumers will still find it difficult to compare energy tariffs between companies.’

You can support Which?’s campaign for simpler energy tariffs by signing our pledge.

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