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Facebook changes users displayed email

Swaps supplied address for Facebook.com version

Facebook changes users email addresses

Facebook has made changes to the site which hide users email addresses, instead displaying a Facebook only address.

The social network has hidden the email addresses supplied by users, replacing them with a Facebook.com email address created using a user’s name and a series of numbers.

This means any emails sent to the address will arrive through Facebook, rather than an outside email account. 

The social network made the change without informing users, claiming it will make the user experience more consistent and give users more control about the information they display.

How do I change my settings back?

If you are a Facebook user who wants to change their settings back, follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile page
  • Click on ‘about’ (found below your profile picture)
  • Find the ‘Contact info’ section and select ‘Edit’
  • To the right of each email address are two boxes to choose who can see your email addresses and if they are hidden or not
  • On the right box select ‘Shown on timeline’ to display an address or ‘Hidden from timeline’ to hide an address
  • Click ‘Save’ on the bottom of the contact information section

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