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Sustainable energy must be affordable for all

Recession has kept carbon caps on target

The Committee on Climate Change’s 2012 progress report suggests that emission caps are on target but potentially only a consequence of the recession and the sluggish economy. Which? supports a bid for low carbon energy but wants a watchful eye to be kept on the cost to consumers.

Which? agrees that we need to prepare for a low carbon future but do not want consumers footing a heavy bill as a result of the government’s plans.

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: ‘Investment in secure and sustainable energy is vital but consumers shouldn’t be expected to write a blank cheque to pay for it.’

He added: ‘The government must be transparent about the costs to consumers of energy reforms, particularly on the contract negotiations for new low carbon generation.’

Cutting back on carbon

The report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) looks at emissions trends over the past year and evaluates underlying progress in implementing carbon-reduction measures and policies in the UK.

It assesses performance of government policies in driving down emissions – including in areas such as Electricity Market Reform, the Green Deal and Carbon Capture and Storage.  

Loft and cavity wall insulation

The Committee on Climate Change says that despite good progress, there remain around seven million lofts and between six and seven million cavity walls to insulate.

With the Impact Assessment for the Green Deal predicting a significant fall in uptake of loft and cavity wall insulation, the CCC has called for incentives for consumers to insulate their homes to be strengthened.

Which? remains concerned that the Green Deal needs to be improved and has issued the government with five challenges that it must meet to ensure that the deal is good for consumers.

Mr Lloyd warned: ‘Ministers have to make energy efficiency more attractive to consumers.

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